Who are the Sons of Media?

Sons of Media was established recently, however, there are decades of knowledge and experience in the media marketing field amongst the founders Alexander Politi and Andre Mourinho. Alexander, a graduate of the advertising program at the Ontario College of Arts and Design brings unsurpassed ad agency and media experience. He also graduated the marketing management program at Humber College, uses his skills to identify opportunities, strategize effective solutions and execute the best marketing formulae. Andre brings a decade of advanced programming languages and techniques that have helped deliver a variety of database driven projects to fruition. His knowledge has helped to create truly unique content management systems specific to each of his client's needs.

Alexander Politi

Lead Designer

Alexander Politi is an eclectic force that brings our clients just what they are looking for. He’s got a creative sense of style and a unique eye for design. His experience will definitely attest to this! Alexander is able to give his clients a clear, in depth experience while he transforms their ideas into eloquent design. Alexander’s work is authentic, allowing clients to experience a well thought out design with their best interest at heart. He analyzes and strategizes to maximize these results while maintaining great relationships with our clients and their business. His work ethic and unique techniques are a great asset to this company.

Andre Mourinho

Lead Developer

Meet Andre Mourinho, our lead developer. As he is listening to the client’s needs, he’s already understanding the problem and building possible solutions in his mind to bring their ideas into reality. Clients are always impressed with Andre’s work ethic and excellent coding techniques regardless of programming language. Andre believes there is no limitation to what can be programmed, it simply requires a lot of thought along with the right code!